Industrial projects

Industrial project realization is a difficult task for the Customer that needs «gluing» of plenty of Parties involved.

Management faults lead to extra costs which can reach up to 100% of original project budget.

The budget and time savings are also an income!

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Equipment suppliers
Where and how the appropriate Russian team for turn-key project can be found?
Who can explain what is a corporate Customer in Russia and its business behavior ?

How to understand contractors' market in Russia and the ways of dealing with
To execute a turn-key project for the foreign company means to take substantial

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Funds and «family offices»

Investor is more interested in management quality than the party that runs the project (not their money). The Goal of the team – to wheedle a money (also by embellishing the project), and not to show an objective picture of its feasibility.

Our experience and knowledge of the world project practices allow us to understand the challenges of project management and to better manage the expectations of project stakeholders.

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